Wonder: It’s Not Just for Kids

As a kid, I liked anything to do with the unexplained or mysterious.  I remember looking up at the night sky and wondering what was really out there.  More than one time I could have sworn I saw a UFO.  One memory that sticks out is standing outside my apartment complex; this was in Santa Fe, NM when I was eight or so. I heard a noise outside and went out, with a number of other people.  Up in the sky, slowly spinning while flying at a low elevation, was a round object, not unlike a toy top, with lights all around it.  As an adult, I have searched on-line to find whether or not this was a recorded event.  So far, no evidence.  But the feeling that I saw something special, something extraordinary, has stayed with me to this day.

My grandmother was my co-conspirator when it came to the supernatural and the unknown.  We would watch shows on UFOs and wonder where they came from and if they would be friendly or not.  We questioned how Big Foot could stay so hidden for so long and relished stories of human/Sasquatch encounters.  We scared ourselves with documentaries on Nostradamus and his predictions and, we were certain,  that one day the Loch Ness Monster would finally be revealed.

I muse about these things still.  At nearly half a century old I can still feel a childlike wonder when watching the sky at night, hoping to catch a meteor shower and a glimpse of something extraterrestrial. There are so many things yet undiscovered or unproven.

Every time a new tomb is discovered in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt I get excited.  Could it be Nefertiti maybe?  What about the lost continent of Atlantis?  Did it exist in what is modern day Santorini if it existed at all? Does the Bermuda Triangle have some sort of weather phenomena that steals planes out of the skies and disappears entire ships or is it something more sinister?  What about ghosts?  Do they exist?  I tend to think they do. But why are they ghosts in the first place?  What really happened to the colony at Roanoke? Also, was King Arthur real or fiction?  I would like to think real. I would also love to find evidence of Robin Hood and Merlin. Are there alternative realities or universes?  What about time-travel? Perhaps there is a real life Dr Who with a Blue Police Box Tardis somewhere out there in need of a companion.   In these unsettled, frightening times I think we all need a little magic, a little mystery, a puzzle if you will, to give ourselves a little escapism and perhaps some hope.

I like the idea that there are still things out there that we have not discovered, that are still unknown.  For some reason, I find it comforting. I may not find the answers but I will certainly have fun looking for them.


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