DysTrumpian Kleptocracy

(Watching Rachel Maddow show today, 3/13/2017, and she talked about the Russian kleptocracy, describing it as a government of thieves.  Seemed appropriate to re-post this given the timeliness.)

Placing “dys” before a noun indicates something is “bad.”  Think dysfunction or dystopian. A  kleptocracy is a form of government that involves the exploitation and stealing of resources. You probably have an idea of where I am headed with this.  We are now entering the Era of DysTrumpian Kleptocracy.  Sounds kinda pretentious, I know, but it seems the best way of describing the smarmy group of sycophants permeating the new government.

Our alternatively sane president has appointed a cabinet of robber barons who will use and abuse their positions for their own gain, whether it be monetary or the seductive siren call of power and influence.  Our nation’s safety and security has been egregiously compromised by Russian incursions into our elections and apparently our White House too.  It feels as if we have fallen thru the Looking Glass and are now living in an alternative reality.  A suffocating state of anxiety smothers those of us who saw what was coming; we live with fear and apprehension of what will happen to our country, our way of life.

Marches are becoming the new norm.  Protests erupt across the nation from the largest of cities to the smallest of towns as a resistance gains momentum and members. The term “awoke” is often invoked to describe those who had never protested, who had never made a phone call to a representative/senator, who had never been part of a marginalized group or ever had their right’s threatened.  But now they have awoken to the very real threat that this hybrid Dr. Frankenstein’s monster of a government, put together by a seriously flawed, amoral man, who appears to have no inner moral compass, poses.  A man whose personal advisors have entanglements with Vladimir Putin that go deep and who promote a white nationalist, bigoted, xenophobic agenda that will make us, for all intents and purposes, a satellite of Russia.

We have heard this story before, it is not a new one.  Fascism, the Third Reich, and Communism are some of the most recent incarnations from the last century, but will not, unfortunately, be the last of their kind. Never the less, we must stay awake, we must resist.  We are still in the early days and have the opportunity to express with our collective voices that we are all one, that we are a crazy quilt of a country that celebrates our differences while at the same time embracing our sameness.  We can resist the agenda of the DysTrumpian Kleptocracy and peacefully demand that the United States Constitution is the law of the land, that we have a Bill of Rights that needs to be respected and that rule of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy is an anathema to all that this nation has stood for.

We cannot normalize this.  We are better than this.  The world is watching.  History is watching.  We make the choice of what will be recorded at some future date on whether or not the United States remains a Republic or falls into irretrievable disrepair, a once grand experiment now no more than some fractured Banana Republic.


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