Adventures in Cryptozoology: Today’s Topic: Wild-Men, a Wookie’s cousin or missing link or perhaps a collective ancestral memory? You decide.

          One of my favorite shows as a kid was “In Search of……..”  Hosted by the late, great Leonard Nimoy.  I would sit captivated as he took me around the world to Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle, to the Himalaya’s and the elusive Yeti, and to explore the depths of  Loch Ness Lake looking for a strange aquatic animal nick named Nessie.

I still love these types of shows.  I love the idea of mystery and that there are things that we cannot explain away scientifically or otherwise.  And how boring that would be if we could.  As human beings most of us, I think, are innately curious about our world and beyond, but our day to day struggle to meet work deadlines and family obligations does not allow us to go in search of these mysteries for ourselves, so maybe we can be armchair explorers and talk about the creatures that could fill up a cryptozoologist’s  dictionary.

One of the most famous in the United States is that of Big Foot and other wild-man like creatures depending on where you live.  There is Sasquatch, ( ), the Skunk Ape, , and the Loup Garou ( ) .

Many of these legends have been around for centuries making one wonder what has made them continue to exist in the modern world?  How can such a creature escape capture and elude researchers?  Are they that wily, that intelligent?  Are they part of an earlier evolutionary tract that did not go extinct but managed to survive in the wild and learned to avoid its human cousins?

Part of this puzzling phenomenon that leans me towards believing that they exist or have existed is that you hear of similar types of creatures existing in other parts of the world.

In Russia there is the Wild Man, , and we cannot forget the Yeti–and-oxford-scientist-prepares-expedition-to-find-it-9577991.html 

Has anyone ever encountered a creature like Big Foot?  What are your theories and thoughts on this subject?

Feel free to suggest other topics regarding the are of cryptozoology for us to discuss and explore and share any experiences you may have had.


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